The fartscroll.js script from the Onion causes a website to make a rude noise when the page is scrolled. I created a plugin to use this script with WordPress.Continue reading

iPad Rubberneck Disrupter

When you login to your WordPress site on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, each character of your password will be displayed as you enter it.Continue reading

Edit hosts file on OSX

The hosts file is an operating system file which maps hostnames to IP addresses. It is a plain-text file with the name ‘hosts’ with no file extension.Continue reading

Apple Cinema Display Screen Burn

I had always believed that Modern flat screen displays could not be affected from screen burn like CRT monitors, howeverContinue reading

Embed last modified date

Sometimes a WordPress page needs to be updated often. It might be useful for these pages to display the last modification date.Continue reading

Prevent Skype Ruining Your Design

When a user installs the Skype application on their PC, it gives them the option to install a component in their web browsers which convert telephone numbers into links to initiate a chargeable Skypeout call when clicked.Continue reading