Tabby Responsive Tabs Customiser

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Single site: £24
Developer (Unlimited sites): £89

Tabby Responsive Tabs comes with a simple default design for the tabs and until now any customisation of the tab design required edits to be made to the site’s child theme.

Tabby Responsive Tabs Customiser

three kittens striped tabby isolatedThe Tabby Responsive Tabs Customiser plugin is an add-on to Tabby Responsive Tabs and allows anyone to easily customise their Tabs. All customisations are made using a simple point & click interface without the need to edit any code.


  • Preset: Tabby DefaultPreset: Tabby Default
  • Preset: Twenty ElevenPreset: Twenty Eleven
  • Preset: Twenty TwelvePreset: Twenty Twelve
  • Preset: Twenty ThirteenPreset: Twenty Thirteen
  • Preset: Twenty FourteenPreset: Twenty Fourteen
  • Preset: File FolderPreset: File Folder
  • Preset: Silver BubblePreset: Silver Bubble
  • Preset: BumblebeePreset: Bumblebee
  • Preset: SnowfallPreset: Snowfall

A collection of one-click presets including presets for WordPress default themes, are included in Tabby Responsive Tabs Customiser. These can be used as they are or as an easy starting point for further customisation.

Settings & Documentation

  • Easy to use SettingsEasy to use Settings
  • No coding required to change the appearance of your tabsNo coding required to change the appearance of your tabs
  • A visual help pop-up for each settingA visual help pop-up for each setting
  • Easily set your colours from pop-up Colour PickersEasily set your colours from pop-up Colour Pickers
  • Adds Support for including Font Awesome icons in your Tab TitlesAdds Support for including Font Awesome icons in your Tab Titles
  • Simple DescriptionsSimple Descriptions
  • View the current CSS styles for the tabsView the current CSS styles for the tabs
  • Full Documentation can be accessed from within the pluginFull Documentation can be accessed from within the plugin

The customiser contains full documentation within the admin page and each option has an illustrated popup to indicate the element controlled by the option. When changes are saved, the admin page’s own tabs update to reflect the current settings. Colour codes can be either entered directly or by using a colour picker.

Tabby responsive tabs has support for adding icons to the tab titles as a developer option which requires an icon webfont to be added within the theme or via a plugin. The customiser plugin extends the icon support by enabling you to include the font awesome files within the plugin. Once the icon support is enabled, an icon lookup area in the admin page indicates the shortcode parameter value required to add your icon.

Buy Tabby Responsive Tabs Customiser

Single site: £24
Developer (Unlimited sites): £89

Support & Updates

The Tabby Responsive Tabs Customiser plugin includes twelve months support and updates for the original purchaser from the date of purchase. To access support please use the plugin’s dedicated support form.

Tabby Responsive Tabs Customiser works with Tabby Responsive Tabs v1.4.1 or later. reviews for Tabby Responsive Tabs
  • Lean and well written plugin

    This plugin is well written and has no overkill whatsoever. Yet, it performs really well. Just install & enjoy. The author is on top of the support forum. Thanks for making this available. This will be in my list of favourite plugins.

  • Great!

    Simply the best plugin for tabs... Great work! Thanks!

  • Excellent tabs plugin

    …I have embedded video feeds and even JavaScript inside of the tabs without issue. I highly recommend it.

  • The way tab should work

    No sweat just the simple tab with simply effective tabbing effect.

  • Best tab accordion plugin ever

    The best tab-accordion responsive plugin ever. It does what exactly have to do. Simple to customize. Great work.

  • Very Good

    It worked like a charm!

    Thank you.

  • Works like a dream

    The plugin works great, I tried several plugins to make tabs this is by far the best one. Responsive and easy to use!

  • Just works

    Wow, this plugin is so simple, no fuss, and looks great right out of the box!

  • Great Service - great plugin

    Lightweight and so easy to modify

    Works perfectly

    Author so helpful and knowledgeable

  • Excellent Light Weight Plugin

    This plug in works flawlessly and is quite easy to style with CSS.

  • Brilliant

    Easy to use, clean to look at and fully responsive. What more could anyone ask for

  • Works well

    Straight forward and does it right. Responsive design works perfect! Thanks!

  • Right on

    Wonderfully simple plugin and excellent, super quick support. Totally pleased with this plugin.

  • Excellent Plugin

    Excellent plugin, very handy.

  • Works well & author gives great suppport

    This plugin works flawlessly. I did experience some small glitches due to a script I was running on the page, but the author helped me figure out a solution. Great plugin!

  • Easy to use (Easy, easy, easy!!!)

    What a great plug-in, especially for a newbie like myself.

    Excellent responses in the support forums (most of my questions have already been answered), and a very useful step by step guide to usage.

    And did I mention that it's easy to use. Thanks very much cubecolour for a great plugin.

  • Excellent tab

    Very well responsive.

    Clean and neat. I stopped this plugin after several tab plug in.

    Last tab plugin was 'Post UI tabs' but it is quite heavy and not well responsive.

  • Tabby tabs rock

    Work without any fuss. Easily modifiable via CSS.

  • Quick and Succinct

    Quick and lightweight - gets the job done.

    Plus developer seems to be on top of the support forum.

  • The only one that actualy works...

    Very easy to install and use, works as expected. Many thanks!

  • It works!

    Really easy, customisable plugin. Does what it says on the tin without fuss. Highly recommended.

  • Solid tabs!

    Really solid and lightweight tabs. Also very fast support-responses from the developer.

  • Works fine, easy to integrate into my site

    Great plugin, does just what it's supposed to, and integrates seamlessly into my page design. Thanks!

  • Thoroughly impressed

    …I am so amazed at how well this one works compared to the other more notable ones.