Featured Image Zoom

Enter a [zoom] Shortcode on a page, post or custom post-type entry to display a zoomable featured image that follows the cursorContinue reading

Ductile Responsive Video

Building responsive WordPress sites requires that all of the elements including embedded videos scale well to fit into the various viewport sizes.Continue reading

Tabby Responsive Tabs

Tabby will enable you to create responsive tabs inside your posts, pages or custom post types by adding simple shortcodes inside the post editor.Continue reading

Audio Album

Audio Album allows audio files to be displayed on a website in an album format. It uses native audio functions built into WordPressContinue reading

Alligator Popup

Alligator Popup allows a shortcode to be used in WordPress Pages or Posts to enable links to be opened in popup windows.Continue reading

Responsive Breakpoints

When making a responsive WordPress theme, I like to preview the changes in my browser with the viewport at an appropriate size to show my edits.Continue reading