Add a hash key to your British mac keyboard

If you are using a British Apple keyboard and are writing CSS, to get a # character you need to press [option]+[3]. You may have noticed that the section key is not very useful, as it outputs the §, character, so you may want to remap the section key to output the # character instead. Continue reading

I have recently launched a new WooCommerce website for the BASSTHING clothing brand at reading

Filter Posts by Custom Taxonomy in Admin

A post from 2012 on Pippin Williamson’s site shows how to Filter Posts by Custom Taxonomy in Admin Continue reading

Map a Hash Key on the Mac Keyboard

To type a # (hash) symbol on a Mac with a UK keyboard, an obscure key combination, alt+3, is used.Continue reading

Responsive Breakpoints

When making a responsive WordPress theme, I like to preview the changes in my browser with the viewport at an appropriate size to show my edits.Continue reading

DB Backup on Heart Internet

WordPress backup plugins do not work on Heart Internet shared hosting (including hosting provided via a reseller) due to the setup of the server.Continue reading

Edit hosts file on OSX

The hosts file is an operating system file which maps hostnames to IP addresses. It is a plain-text file with the name ‘hosts’ with no file extension.Continue reading

Embed last modified date

Sometimes a WordPress page needs to be updated often. It might be useful for these pages to display the last modification date.Continue reading

Prevent Skype Ruining Your Design

When a user installs the Skype application on their PC, it gives them the option to install a component in their web browsers which convert telephone numbers into links to initiate a chargeable Skypeout call when clicked.Continue reading

Force Scrollbars

Page designs with a centred layout often appear to jump slightly to the side when navigating from page to page.
Continue reading