I have recently launched a new WooCommerce website for the BASSTHING clothing brand at reading

Bass Clef Badge

This cubecolour product is not a WordPress plugin but a button badge for bass players.Continue reading

Correct Horse Battery Staple

Change the default WordPress strong password generator to make suggested passwords similar to those described in the XKCD password Strength comic.Continue reading

New Plugins

This is a simple free plugin that adds a tab to WordPress’s ‘Add Plugins’ admin page so new plugins in the WordPress plugins directory can be listed and installed. Continue reading

Metabox Glue

With the Metabox Glue plugin active, the post editor metaboxes are glued in place and cannot be repositioned by dragging.Continue reading

Filter Posts by Custom Taxonomy in Admin

A post from 2012 on Pippin Williamson’s site shows how to Filter Posts by Custom Taxonomy in Admin Continue reading