Map a Hash Key on the Mac Keyboard

To type a # (hash) symbol on a Mac with a UK keyboard, an obscure key combination, alt+3, is used.Continue reading

Indicate External Links

The cubecolour Indicate External Links plugin for WordPress adds an arrow to external http and https links in posts, pages and custom content to indicate when the link target is offsite.Continue reading

Alligator Menu Popup

To celebrate the first 5000 downloads of my Alligator Popup Menu, I have launched a similar plugin that does the same for but for links in a WordPress Custom MenuContinue reading

Shortcode Shortcode

This plugin might be useful to you if you write about WordPress plugins and want to be able to show examples of shortcodes usage, but without the shortcodes being processed.Continue reading

Featured Image Zoom

Enter a [zoom] Shortcode on a page, post or custom post-type entry to display a zoomable featured image that follows the cursorContinue reading

Ductile Responsive Video

Building responsive WordPress sites requires that all of the elements including embedded videos scale well to fit into the various viewport sizes.Continue reading