Audio Album

Audio Album is a WordPress plugin that allows audio files to be displayed on a website in an album format. It uses native audio functions already in WordPress but using an alternative shortcode.

You can download it at where you will also find usage instructions.


[audioalbum title=”Michael’s Tracks” detail=”Instrumentals” date=”2013″][audiotrack title=”London Instrumental” songwriter=”Michael Atkins” mp3=”″][audiotrack title=”Hey Hey Oh” songwriter=”Michael Atkins” mp3=”″ buttonlink=”1353″ height=”600″ width=”600″][audiotrack title=”Spouki” songwriter=”Michael Atkins” mp3=”″]
If you have any questions about the plugin please post on the plugin support page at

It is intended for the css to be modified to fit the site, however my demo on this page indicates how the default css included in the plugin should look as long as there’s nothing in the theme’s CSS which overrides any of the CSS rules.