LPs and Cassettes

I am currently working on a website project which will involve uploading an archive of a musicians original recording which he has on LPs & cassettes.

I have not owned a turntable since the 1980s, so to be able to convert the music to MP3 & ogg-vorbis format for cross-platform HTML5 playback I have bought myself an ION Duo Deck 2-In-1 Portable Turntable and Cassette Player with USB/Built-In Speakers

Ion Duo Deck

First impressions are that this piece of equipment seems to be cheaply made and very basic. I installed the EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software that came with it onto my old netbook, connected the usb cable and started ripping some of my own cassettes and LPs to test it out. To get any dust off the LPs before playing them I used an inexpensive lens cleaning kit consisting of a bottle of fluid, a lint-free soft cloth and a blower brush.

The results were better than I had expected and the software was able to split the recordings into individual wav files which I then loaded into Adobe Soundbooth CS4 to remove surface noise and tape hiss.