iPad Rubberneck Disrupter

The Plugin

My WordPress plugin, ‘iPad Rubberneck Disrupter’ is available to download from the WordPress Plugin repository.

The Problem

When you login to your WordPress site on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, each character of your password will be displayed as you enter it. This is not ideal when you login to a WordPress site from your iPad as part of a presentation or someone is looking over your shoulder.

The Solution

When the plugin is active, each character of the password will appear as a plain disc on the iPad.

How it Works

I created a webfont in which every character is a simple round blob. The plugin adds a stylesheet to the login page when an iPad, iPad mini, iPhone or iPod Touch is being used. This stylesheet adds support for the webfont and tells mobile safari to use it for displaying the password as it is entered.


This plugin only works on the wp-login.php page, it is not designed to mask passwords where plugins are used to implement a login form in a widget area or on other pages. It should however be simple to add some css to enable this if required.

The iPad’s onscreen keyboard highlights key presses, which may allow anyone watching the password being typed to see the characters that make up the password. This plugin is unable to do anything about this problem, so it is recommended that for presentations or screencasts there a WordPress site will be logged into using an iPad, a bluetooth keyboard should be used along with this plugin so that the iPad keyboard does not appear onscreen and the password characters are not shown.