Tiered Legal List

When ordered lists are nested as a multi-level tiered list in WordPress, by default the numbers shown do not reflect the nesting hierarchy. The ‘Tiered Legal List’ plugin formats tiered lists with the number identifiers showing the full hierarchy.

These style is also reflected in the WordPress visual editor, and to help visualise the nesting hierarchy of ordered lists in the visual editor, a subtle border is shown around each level of the tiered lists.


There is no admin panel with this plugin. Once it is activated it affects all of the tab groups on the site. Support and updates are provided for one year from the date of purchase. Single site and developer options are available.

The cost of this add-on including updates and support for one year on a single site is £19. The Developer option including updates and support for unlimited sites is £79.

If your location is within the European Union, Please note that sales to EU residents (except UK) cannot currently be made using the automated checkout. If you are unable to make a purchase via the button below, please contact me via the contact page to request a paypal invoice to make a manual purchase.
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Tiered Legal List

  • For use on one site you control or build

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