Correct Horse Battery Staple Plus

This is the advanced version of the free correct horse battery staple plugin.

In additon to the features of the free plugin, the plus version adds the following capabilities and features:

  • Self-registered users (single site and multisite)
  • Password resets
  • Choice of different number of words in the password
  • Append a numerical suffix to the password
  • Option for one of the password words to be all uppercase

WordPress’s password generator is replaced with a function to generate secure memorable passwords based on dictionary words.

settings for the password format can be configured in the passwords section of the WordPress customizer.

This plugin can be purchased for £30 including updates and support for one year for a single site. The Developer option is available for £100 and includes updates and support for any of the site you own or build for one year.

Correct Horse Battery Staple Plus

  • For use on one site you control or build

  • For use on any of the sites you control or build

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