Tabby Developer Bundle

The Tabby Developer Bundle is a bundle of all five add-ons for Tabby Responsive Tabs. Tabby Responsive Tabs Customiser Tabby Load Accordion Closed Tabby Link to Tab Tabby Tab to URL Link Tabby Reopen Current Tab on Reload This developer bundle allows the plugins to be installed on any of the sites you own or […]

Cubecolour Reading Progress

The Cubecolour Reading Progress plugin adds a bar to the top or bottom of the page to indicate how far the page has scrolled in relation to the main content. The plugin is active on this site where the bar can be seen at the top of the page. The bar appears on all pages […]

Tabby Reopen Current Tab on Reload

The Tabby Reopen Current Tab on Reload plugin enables the currently active tab in a tabby responsive tabs tabgroup to remain the active tab after the page has been reloaded. Demo: The cost of this add-on including updates and support for one year on a single site is £19. The Developer option including updates […]

Correct Horse Battery Staple Plus

This is the advanced version of the cubecolour correct horse battery staple plugin for WordPress. The Free Plugin was designed for administrators who had to set up accounts for users to be able to set up memorable inital passwords for those users. In additon to the features of the free plugin, the plus version adds […]

Tiered Legal List

When ordered lists are nested as a multi-level tiered list in WordPress, by default the numbers shown do not reflect the nesting hierarchy. The ‘Tiered Legal List’ plugin formats tiered lists with the number identifiers showing the full hierarchy. These style is also reflected in the WordPress visual editor, and to help visualise the nesting […]

Tabby Load Accordion Closed

Tabby load Accordion Closed is an add-on for the Tabby Responsive Tabs plugin which changes the default behaviour for the accordion display so no tab content is shown on initial page load. The tab display (desktop view) is unaffected. Demo: There is no admin panel with this plugin. Once it is activated it affects […]

Tabby Tab to URL Link

The Tabby Tab to URL Link enables tabs to be specified in a tabby responsive tabs tabgroup which act as a link to any URL. This add-on should not be confused with the similarly named ‘tabby link to tab’ add-on as each has a very different purpose. Please see the demo page to see this […]

Tabby Link to Tab

Tabby Link to Tab is an add-on for tabby responsive tabs to add a shortcode which enables you to add links to your tabs on the same page without the page needing to reload. Full documentation is provided in the readme file included with the plugin, and support and updates are provided for one year […]

Tabby Responsive Tabs Customiser Developer Package

The Tabby Responsive Tabs Customiser WordPress plugin adds an admin panel to the free Tabby Responsive Tabs plugin by cubecolour. The customiser provides several one-click presets each of which can be used as a starting point to further customise how your tabs display. The Developer Package is the same as the single site package, but […]

Tabby Responsive Tabs Customiser

Add presets and customisation options Tabby Responsive Tabs.Continue reading