Correct Horse Battery Staple

Whilst I was on the support team at WordCamp London 2017 contributor day, I came across a post on the ‘Requests and Feedback’ forum pointing out that the passwords generated for new users and on password reset are not memorable and an alternative scheme was suggested.

I remembered the XKCD comic 936 by Randall Munro about password strength and thought that a plugin to generate passwords based on the idea presented in the comic would be a good solutution to the provide users with strong but memorable passwords.

I was surprised to find that I could not find an existing plugin to implement this password scheme in place of the default WordPress password generator. I made a simple plugin to achieve this and posted the code as a reply in the forum topic.

I have improved the code of the plugin and added some documentation, and the plugin is now available to install from the WordPress plugins directory:

As with all of my free plugins, support for this plugin is available on the Correct Horse Battery Staple plugin forum on

I have had some ideas for additional features to include in an advanced version of this plugin. I might spend some time working on creating this if there is sufficent demand for it.